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WINTERREISE at the Künstlerhaus Munich


At the end of the year, Schubert's Winterreise was heard in a very concentrated atmosphere in the art nouveau hall at the Künstlerhaus Munich in the trio version with the actor Stefan Hunstein, Axel Wolf on the lute and Hugo Siegmeth on saxophone and bass clarinet - despite the 2G+ rule, the response was great.

TRACES TO NOWHERE in Lugano and in the Philharmonie Berlin

The successful premiere of "Traces To Nowhere" at the Brucknerhaus Linz in 2020 was followed this fall by performances on Oct. 30 at the season opening of the Orchestra della Svizzera italiana at the LAC Lugano and on Oct. 27 at the Kammermusiksaal of the Philharmonie Berlin with the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, both conducted by Markus Poschner.. The work is based on the third chamber symphony by the Georgian composer Sulchan Nassidze, recomposed by Markus Poschner and expanded to include the duo of saxophone / bass clarinet and piano, which contrasts the original work with improvisational reflections.

The Kronenzeitung about TRACES TO NOWHERE:

"First performed in this version, an expressiveness of the free world of sound revealed itself, in which the string orchestra was fully challenged. The improvisational and emotional contributions of Hugo Siegmeth on the saxophone and on the bass clarinet are grandiose. Markus Poschner switched from the conductor's stand to the piano and conjured up delicate episodes on the piano. " 


The Rotary Club Bad Tölz has organized and financed the first ROTARY JAZZ NIGHT as part of a cultural promotion project, which will premiere on Youtube on Wednesday, 17.02.21. 

The concert was recorded in the Kurhaus in Bad Tölz, video and sound are professionally prepared for the stream by regional companies.The band assembled especially for this evening consists of very well-known names of the jazz scene with the Canadian singer Nina Michelle, the saxophonist Hugo Siegmeth and the top-class rhythm section with Daniel Eppinger, Karsten Gnettner and Stephan Eppinger.

View the concert on Youtube: