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BAYRISCH JAZZ GR - ´s pure Lebn

"The Bayrisch Jazz Group proves how harmonious and above all lively the combination of Bavarian traditional music and jazz can be. Süddeutsche Zeitung


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Music is life. It sucks in air, blows it out, it pulsates. Perhaps music can also best describe the feelings in life. It can be overwhelmingly sad and profound, or it can almost burst with joy and happiness. Hugo Siegmeth plays such music with his Bavarian Jazz Group. 's pure Lebn is the name of the debut of this quintet, and this is what this album sounds like.

The saxophonist has picked up music from his Bavarian home and processed it with sensitivity, daring and humor and made it his own. 

Siegmeth and his band approach music cheekily and freely:
The saxophonist has unearthed almost forgotten treasures from song archives. The Giesinger Moon Serenade is such a piece. Composed in the dark thirties by Otto Kuen, who dared to make swinging folk music during the Nazi era. Da Summa is umma, the farewell song of the dairyman at the end of summer, or the melody with the simple title Almruf get under your skin. Hugo Siegmeth also dares to do well-known pieces such as the Bavarian parade march and the Zwiefachen Leit, Leit and the Oide Kath. These arrangements are energetically, rhythmically tricky and thrilling.
Hugo Siegmeth's new album follows the tradition of jazz and Bavarian music. Jazz has always opened up to very different musical influences. And the music of Bavaria was never one of the eternal Mia san mir and Des was always like that, but at its deepest level one of rebellion and search.
A music that breathes and pulsates, that is that of Hugo Siegmeth's Bavarian Jazz Group, and one that can and should be home for many ears.

Ulrich Habersetzer, BR-KLASSIK

" ... very, very charming!

Süddeutsche Zeitung

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